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Have you ever wondered where all of this knowledge is from? – Here you can find every source I ever used to create the content on this website!

In my opinion, it is very important that you, the visitors, are sure that everything I publish is trustworthy and scientifically backed up. This is why I have created this page to give you every source I have used to create content on this site so that you can be sure that everything you read here is taken from professionally published work or otherwise personal experience!

Many of my sources are in German, since I am from Switzerland and a native German speaker. However, all works should also be available in an English translation. My favourite publications can be discovered in the Literature Suggestions section of this website!

My Sources:

  • “Venomous Reptiles and their Toxins”, Bryan G. Fry, Oxford University Press 2015
  • “Old World Vipers”, Tony Phelps, Edition Chimaira 2004
  • “How Snakes Work – Structure, Function and Behaviour of the World’s Snakes”, Harvey B. Lillywhite, Oxford University Press 2014
  • “Giftschangen im Terrarium” , Ludwig Trutnau, Ulmer Verlag 1998 (Available in English)
  • “Python Regius – Das Kompendium”, Kevin McCurley, Edition Chimaira 2011 (Available in English)
  • “Morelia Viridis – Das Kompendium”, Greg Maxwell, Edition Chimaira 2005 (Available in English)
  • “Venomous Snakes of Africa”, Gernot Vogel & Maik Dobiey, Edition Chimaira 2007
  • “Venomous Snakes of Asia”, Gernot Vogel, Edition Chimaira 2006
  • “Schlangen Europas”, Guido Kreiner, Edition Chimaira 2007 (Available in English)
  • “Venomous Snakes of Europe, Northern, Central and Western Asia”, Gernot Vogel & Patrik David, Edition Chimaira 2006
  • “A Complete Guide to the Snakes of Southern Africa”, Johan Marais, StruikNature 2004
  • “Sachkundenachweis für Giftschlangen”, Roger Aeberhard, Snakeparadise 2017 (Not available in English)
  • “Klapperschlangen”, Reptilia Nr. 66 Aug/Sep 2007 (Not available in English)
  • “Morelia” Reptilia Nr. 118 Apr/May 2016 (Not available in English)
  • “Kobras” Reptilia Nr. 89 June/July 2011 (Not available in English)
  • “Australische Pythons” Reptilia Nr. 79 Oct/Nov 2009 (Not available in English)
  • “Königspythons” Reptilia Nr. 104 June/July 2014 (Not available in English)
  • “Europäische Vipern” Elaphe Nr. 47 May/June 2014 (Not available in English)


If you have further questions about the sources, feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment below!

I hold a Swiss licence for keeping venomous snakes in a private collection with registernr. 08/0025


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