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For many people out there looking for a first pet snake, Ball Pythons are one of the best options. I myself also started my journey with a baby Ball Python I named Pepper.

The most important thing for anyone starting to keep snakes is getting enough reliable information and knowledge on your future pet. In this article, I will introduce you to my two absolute favourite book on Ball Pythons (Python Regius).

These books cover everything you need to successfully keep and even breed your python with detail and helpful tips. In fact, i believe that you only need either one of them to successfully keep and breed these exciting animals.

Now, lets get started!

The Complete Ball Python, A Comprehensive Guide to Care, Breeding, and Genetic Mutations, by Kevin McCurley – review


  • English and German available
  • Care, Breeding and Genetic Mutations
  • Very Detailed
  • By extremely experienced Ball Python breeder kevin McCurley
  • More than 300 pages
  • Color images and descriptions
  • Price: $52.50 on





“The Complete Ball Python” by Kevin McCurley is probably the most comprehensive book on the species. It was written by one of the most decorated breeders out there and covers everything from basic husbandry to breeding and genetic mutations with much detail.

Additionally, it addresses all relevant information when it comes to Ball Python husbandry. This includes heating, humidity, housing and common problems and issues.

And finally, it also dedicates a chapter to common diseases and health issues, providing helpful tips on problems with shedding, parasites or common colds.

Now, it is also probably the most complete guide to breeding Ball Pythons.

Not only does it present all the relevant information and procedures, it also includes a great chapter on genetic mutations that will help everyone understand why some Pythons have such incredible colorations.

In my opinion, it is an absolute must for every future Python keeper or breeder out there. You will find every bit of necessary information about Python regius in this work.

In fact, It may even be the only book you need to successfully keep this species. If you like Ball Pythons and want to get one, or already have one and often encounter issues, you can get yours HERE now.

Python Regius – Atlas of Color Morphs, Keeping and Breeding, by Stefan Broghammer – review

  • English and German available
  • Color images
  • 356 pages
  • By experienced German Ball Python breeder Stefan Broghammer
  • Price: $97.50 on







“Python Regius” by Stefan Broghammer is, as the name suggests, an Atlas on all the different color morphs and a complete guide to breeding Ball Pythons.

Like McCurleys’ book, it is one of the most complete guides on Ball Python care out there. It is filled with great tips and helpful tricks you can only get from someone with as much experience as Stefan Broghammer. He is definitely also one of the most decorated Python breeders in the world.

It is also especially dedicated to the breeding aspect of Python regius, including great and effective breeding and hatching procedures. Its price results from the incredible amount of colored images and detailed analysis of all the recently discovered color morphs and their genetic mutations.

So, if you are into color morphs and want to understand how they work, this is the book for you!

If you are a Ball Python and you want to extend your knowledge on color morphs, you can get one HERE.

I personally cannot decide which one of these book is the better one. There are only slight differences and both are incredibly complete and detailed.

The one by Stefan Brohammer includes more color images and morph descriptions, which lead to the higher price. On the other hand, Kevin McCurleys’ provides a just as valuable guide to the care and breeding of this great species.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

As always, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly with our questions!

2 Replies to “The Book every Ball Python Keeper should read”

  1. I’m glad I came across your site as my niece has recently shown a keen interest on snakes, especially ball pythons and boa constrictors.
    The books you have mentioned would be an ideal present for her upcoming birthday and I wondered if the books were available in the UK?

    1. Hey Teresa, 

      I am glad that you liked this post! 

      Yes, the books should also be available on the UK amazon website. Otherwise, you can always have it shipped in from the US. 

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